One To One Tuition



  • Highly focused. Our one to one sessions are highly focused and planned around the child’s learning needs and goals. Teachers are able to provide children with feedback quickly immediately and work at the child’s own pace.
  • A tutor who matches specific learning needs. We have tutors who are experts in their field. We will match your child with a tutor who has the skills/knowledge to ensure your child makes rapid progress and feels comfortable attending the sessions.
  • Increased confidence. Children are able to work at their own pace and ask questions freely without worrying about other members of the group. This helps to build their confidence which will transfer into the classroom environment.
Details of Class
We invite parents and their child to attend our centre for a free initial assessment in line within the current National Curriculum. Depending on the outcome of the assessment we will recommend a service which meets their individual learning needs and goals.  We recognise that every child is unique and that for some children small group tuition is not the most effective method to ensure they make adequate progress. In these circumstances, we can recommend one to one tuition with a tutor who matches your child’s specific learning needs and style.
Key indicators
Your child is not achieving the expected standard for their age. Small groups have not been effective in the past and they work better on a one to one basis.
Your child has a large learning gap to bridge and/or a short space of time which requires highly focused sessions to support them in making adequate progress.

One to One Fee Structure
(Additional cost if at home)

Please note some of our tutors will only do a minimum of 2 hours per week and an additional cost of £1 per mile will be charged beyond a 2-mile radius of the centre each way. Assessments will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate below.

Monthly 1 hour per week

Membership TypeCost per monthHourly rateHours per monthDeposit
KS2 - 3 Including 11+ prep£192.00£48.004£192.00

Monthly 2 hour per week

Membership TypeCost per monthHourly rateHours per monthDeposit
KS2 - 3 Including 11+ prep£384.00£48.008£384.00

Monthly 3 hour per week

Membership TypeCost per monthHourly rateHours per monthDeposit
KS2 - 3 Including 11+ prep£576.00£48.0012£504.00


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