Edukate Tuition

Key Stage 2


At KS2 level it’s imperative that children have a good understanding of basic numeracy and literacy skills before moving onto more complex concepts. 

We use a range of resources and interactive activities for those who may require extra support in mastering these skills.Alternatively, for those who may wish to extend their learning, sessions at this level can also be challenging, as we encourage children to become more critical and explore concepts at greater depth.

We use a small group approach of no more than 6 students for KS2.Children normally attend for two hours per week but we can do 1 hour and focus on a specific subject area if you wish. We invite parents and their child to attend our centre for a free initial assessment in line within the current National Curriculum. Depending on the outcome of the assessment we will recommend a service which meets their individual learning needs and goals. We do offer 1-1 tuition for children who we feel would benefit from this type of tuition.

We Have a Team Of Experienced and Enthusiastic Tutors

We see education as a powerful tool for change; to change a student’s perceptions of their own capabilities, to change the way in which they perceive the world around them, to change a student’s future and enable them to make a positive change within society. Our aim is for students to become confident, critical, independent thinkers who have the resilience to overcome barriers, face challenges and thrive within all aspects of their education and beyond.