Edukate Tuition

11+ Preparation


The 11 plus is an entrance examination for selective secondary schools which is typically sat at the beginning of year 6. There is currently only one remaining wholly selective school in Liverpool; The Blue Coat School. Eligibility for a place to this school is based on an entrance examination consisting of Maths and English papers. 

There are also several partially selective schools and private schools who also use entrance examinations although the criteria for entry into these schools differ therefore we do advise referring to their individual admissions policies.

Want to know more? Our free assessment includes a full consultation with a member of our team where we can discuss your options for secondary schools for your child and how we can support you and your child during the process.


  • The examinations will consist of mostly year 6 concepts therefore it is important we are working ahead of the curriculum to ensure the child is adequately prepared for their exams. 
  •  We have a structured programme of the concepts children need to cover but this is flexible to suit the child’s individual needs and learning style. 
  •  We provide challenging, stimulating activities which help children to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills in a range of contexts. 
  •  We look at a variety of texts from poems to non-fiction and include both traditional and more modern literature to expose children to rich and challenging language. 
  •  We re-assess children every 12 weeks to ensure they are making adequate progress and to identify and gaps in knowledge which is then used to inform future planning.

We Have a Team Of Experienced and Enthusiastic Tutors

We see education as a powerful tool for change; to change a student’s perceptions of their own capabilities, to change the way in which they perceive the world around them, to change a student’s future and enable them to make a positive change within society. Our aim is for students to become confident, critical, independent thinkers who have the resilience to overcome barriers, face challenges and thrive within all aspects of their education and beyond.