What makes us different?

Details of Class

We use a small group approach of no more than 6 students for KS2 and 4 for KS1. We invite parents and their child to attend our centre for a free initial assessment in line within the current National Curriculum. Depending on the outcome of the assessment we will recommend a service which meets their individual learning needs and goals. We do offer 1-1 tuition for children who we feel would benefit from this type of tuition.

How long are tuition courses?

There are no set courses/time frames they sign up indefinitely and pay on a month by month basis. However, there normally is a specific aim/goal children are working towards i.e SAT’s, 11 plus exams.

How do we differ from competitors

Sessions are bespoke and tailored to the individual child’s learning style, goals and needs.
We use lot’s of manipulative’s and interactive resources to ensure children understand the processes behind what they are learning.
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Key indicators

Your child is working beyond the national standard for their age and you feel they are not being sufficiently challenged in school. This can sometimes, although not always, lead to negative behaviour in class and losing interest in their learning.

Your child is lacking in confidence, this may be in a specific subject area or topic. Due to large class sizes, your child may be reluctant to ask questions resulting in them feeling anxious and worried about attending school.

Your child is not achieving the expected standard for their age. They work better in smaller groups or on a 1-1 basis.

Want to know more?

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