Edukate Tuition

Math Tutor


We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic tutors who can deliver high quality Primary Math’s Tuition from our cosy learning space. We are not restricted to a certain method/programme but instead take influences and inspiration from various approaches to teaching such as; Singapore Maths and White Rose Maths. 

We offer a free assessment to see where your child is up to and so as we can recommend the most suitable service for them. This includes a full consultation with a member of our team who can discuss in detail how we can support your child with their Maths.


We use plenty of manipulative i.e cubes, counting beads, numicon etc to engage our students and help them to visualise mathematical relationships. 
We focus on developing children’s confidence and helping them to become fluent in basic numeracy skills such as; counting and place value which are the foundations for any subsequent learning. 
Our sessions are fun and engaging ensuring that children develop a positive relationship with Maths from a very early age.


We continue to work on fluency with place value and number facts, exploring a range of written and mental methods extending this to include larger numbers. 

We still use manipulative alongside this when necessary and ensure the sessions are engaging and fun, building confidence every session.We work at the child’s pace ensuring that they have a secure understanding of concepts in a variety of contexts before we move on

We Have a Team Of Experienced and Enthusiastic Tutors

We see education as a powerful tool for change; to change a student’s perceptions of their own capabilities, to change the way in which they perceive the world around them, to change a student’s future and enable them to make a positive change within society. Our aim is for students to become confident, critical, independent thinkers who have the resilience to overcome barriers, face challenges and thrive within all aspects of their education and beyond.