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How do we work?

Sessions at Edukate follow the national curriculum and complement children’s formal learning.

We use a small group approach of no more than 6 students to allow for cooperative and collaborative learning. 

We encourage deep and meaningful discussions amongst students so as they can express their views and become active participants in their own learning. We recognise that all students are unique and therefore tailor our sessions to suit student’s individual learning needs and goals.Typically, this consists of building upon student’s prior knowledge, before moving onto more complex concepts.

Edukate Tuition

Childcare Choices


Government help with childcare costs for parents.

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EduKates name came from the owner who is called Kate.


Kate started Edukate 5 years ago in a small church hall which has grew steadily to 150 active students.

Age 5-16

EduKate provide small group tuition to 5-16 year olds.

Age 5-18

EduKate also provide 1:1 bespoke tuition to 5-18 year olds including alevel maths and English.


We are ofsted registered so you can use help towards childcare to pay for your child's tuition fees.


We love to host free events and competitions for our clients, including; pantos, craft days and science parties!

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Group Tuition


Small teacher to child ratios

Detail Of Class

We use a small group approach

Key indicators

Your child is working beyond the national standard

Our Classes

We can cover areas such as Phonics, Spelling, Handwriting , Reading and Maths

For Deatils

We use a small approach of no more than 6 students for KS2

For Deatils

The 11 plus is an entrance examination for selective secondary schools

For Deatils

We invite parents and their child to attend our centre for a free initial assessment

For Deatils

We can cover English language and English literature for all exam boards

For Deatils

Our Maths sessions cover both the foundation and higher level papers

For Deatils
We use a small group approach

What makes us different?

Your child is working beyond the national standard for their age and you feel they are not being sufficiently challenged in school. This can sometimes, although not always, lead to negative behaviour in class and losing interest in their learning.

Details of Class

No more than 6 students for KS2  and 4 for KS1. 

How long are tuition courses?

There are no set courses/time frames

How we differ from Competitor

Sessions are bespoke and tailored to the individual

Key indicators

Your child is working beyond the national standard



There are many ways to get help with your child's fees please visit for more info but we have listed the main forms of help below.

We can’t recommend these fabulous tutors enough! What they do clearly works as it’s clear to see from our sons results!
Thank you all again!
I really can not recommend EduKate enough, Kate has been amazing with my son making each lesson challenging, fun and exciting, so much so he loves going each week.
The tuition sessions were then tailored to suit his individual needs. He attends once a week (Saturdays) for 2 hours (1 hour maths and the other English).