Private tuition is traditionally associated with a one to one approach and for those who are not financially constrained is still the preferred method. However, small group tuition should not be regarded a second-rate option, only chosen for its reduced price. Small group tuition is a valuable method and can provide a multitude of benefits which it’s highly acclaimed counterpart can’t.


Here are 10 things you can expect to benefit from small group tuition:


1.Supports social learning theory

Social learning theorists such as Vygotsky stated that learning takes place through social interactions between the student, their peers and teachers. He believed the teacher should facilitate children’s learning through creating environments which encourage students to discuss, collaborate and feedback, all of which are part of the small group approach.


2.Small teacher to child ratios


Although larger than one to one, the number of pupils in small group tuition is still significantly smaller than that of your standard classroom, with groups exceeding no more than 6 students. This allows the tutor to build a strong relationship with the student and provide individualised and focused sessions to ensure rapid progress.


3.Increased feedback

As with one to one tuition children will receive more personalised and frequent feedback than they would in a typical classroom environment. However, the structure of a small group, allows for students to have regular exchanges with their peers and thus receive even more personal feedback about their ideas.


4.Builds interpersonal skills

Small group tuition provides opportunities for students to work co-operatively, working with their peers to achieve a common goal.  This helps students to build relationships with other children and can be particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty with social skills.


5.Celebrates diversity

Small groups require students to work alongside a diverse range of peers, who will have a variety of responses to group discussions. This exposes students to a wide range of perspectives and gives them a better understanding of others points of view and cultural difference, preparing them for future “work world” situations.


6.Increased self-confidence

The process of working in a small group requires the student to communicate with other.  Sharing their concerns, questions and explanations with others gives them the confidence in In their own capabilities.


7.Builds mastery

When students explain a concept to their peers they reinforce what they have already learnt through mentally analysing the material and reiterating it in a language that their friend will understand.


8.Encourages active learners

Small group tuition allows tutors to organise small discussions and actively involve students in their own learning through sharing ideas, their work and contributing to the group.


9. Reduced pressure

Going from being one student in a class of thirty the only student in the learning environment can be unnerving for some children. Dependent on the child they may not be prepared for this increased pressure and may lack the confidence to be the only student to answer/ask questions. Small groups provide a relaxed medium for students to adapt to a new way of learning.


10. Enjoyable and engaging for children!

Most importantly, children genuinely enjoy attending our small group tuition sessions so much so they look forward to extra schooling. Just like any other extra-curricular activities children love to build new friendships with their peers resulting in tuition feeling like a treat rather than a chore!


If you would like to find out more about our small group tuition session’s you can contact us on 01517058136.